Appointment of Non-Executive Director

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Apr 16, 2003

GW announces the appointment of Hans Schram as a non-executive director with immediate effect. Mr Schram has over 20 years experience in global pharmaceutical business development and marketing.

Mr Schram is currently Chief Executive Officer of Nordic Group, a specialist pharmaceutical sales and marketing company with operations in Scandinavia, UK, Netherlands and France. Prior to this appointment he spent 18 years at Ferring Group, an international pharmaceutical company operating in over 40 countries with annual revenues of over Euro 500 million. Mr Schram was a member of Ferring’s Executive Management Team and Senior Vice President, International Business Development. Mr Schram also held posts as Managing Director of several of the European affiliates and as Regional Director of the Group’s operations in Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Middle East.

Prior to Ferring, Mr Schram was at Ciba Geigy in Switzerland and at Pierre Fabre Laboratories, the French phytomedicines company, responsible for pharmaceutical operations in Northern Europe, North America, South East Asia and Japan.

Dr Geoffrey Guy, Executive Chairman, said, “Mr Schram is a seasoned pharmaceutical executive with international commercial expertise whom I am delighted to welcome to the Board. He brings to GW a wealth of experience in managing commercial relationships as well as marketing pharmaceutical products across all regions of the world.”


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